Monday, February 26, 2007

Out of our heads or Out of Africa?

And the hippos have it...

We got the job! We start in Uganda in two months time!

So life here begins unravelling at a scary pace. Have handed in my notice at work, got letting agents round to view the flat, told my parents, sister, brothers, friends and colleagues. Started to look in long term anti-malarial options, emailing our new boss with thousands of questions, ebaying junk I don't need to put into storage and downloading movies for the ipod for those days when the rains come... but mostly I am wondering what I should wear to strike that right note between Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen vs Katherine Hepburn in the African Queen. Of course, it means my entire London advertising wardrobe goes into boxes.

Lordy. So much to do and think about. Can't quite believe we're doing it and then, everytime I think about what we're doing, if I avoid the hell which the period between now and arriving in Uganda is bound to become, then I just can't wipe the grin off my face.

And it means a new blog with a new theme. This has been my practise ground. I thought I was practising to write one for an ad industry online site - but that transpired to nothing and I chickened out - only to realise I was really practising to write about something very very different all along. But it will be far more fun.

Who'd have thought it... Goodbye commuters, advertising and London. Hello to wildlife, tourism and Africa...

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Marie said...

Here's my anti-malaria advice:

Nothing. Nada. Don't take any. This sounds crazy, but what you do is this. Go to see The Surgery as soon as you get to Kampala. Stock up on malaria self-test kits. (Cheap.) When you feel bad, use the kit to test yourself, and if the test shows you have malaria, you take the treatment.

The other decent option is doxycycline, which is a bazillion times cheaper at The Surgery than at home. It made me feel kind of queasy and filled my guts with all kinds of yeasty bacteria, but it's a reasonable option.

The Surgery:

Dr. Dick S even has a bit part in Last King of Scotland. He is an actor too. He's kind of a madman, an old-fashioned English country doctor gone somewhat native in Ug.

You can also get all your travel vacs and meds there.