Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finding cheap mossie repellent

Deet is evil. And all other natural mossie repellent either doesn't work or costs a fortune for a tiny bottle.

We're going to be out in mossie land for at least a year...I had been struggling with the prospect of being bankrupted or giving in and getting malaria.

But then a friend tells me that there's some Avon product which is just an average moisturiser, but apparently Marines use it in tropical climes (and as it turns out, in Scotland to ward off the midges). It's called Skin So Soft.

I google it and discover quite a few people recommending it. I then look on the avon website and discover that its currently 2 for 1 on all the Skin-So-Soft products. So I've ordered 500 ml of the cream for £3 and 300 ml of the oil spray for £5.

If it works it's a bargain. If it doesn't, I'll at least have a year's supply of good moisturiser...

On a seperate note, I've just taken delivery of an order from Amazon. A book on the Rwandan genocide for another local history lesson, and another by a safari guide retelling the awful incident in Bwindi in 99 with 8 tourists being brutally murdered by rebels from the Congo. Cheering stuff.

As a counterpoint to all this death, I also bought Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik by Marie Javins, a travel writer and comic book colourist (and far more accomplished blogger than I) who I recently got in interweb touch with after discovering on her old blog entries that she lived for a while just behind Red Chilli Rest Camp at Murchison. She has been hugely helpful in emailing random tips and memories of what life was like, from how to buy chicken to the price of shower curtains.

Before you move to the back of beyond this sort of stuff is like gold dust. I remember when I moved to Turkey, I never expected to have to ask a tourist to bring out a can opener but unfortunately, it seemed that the Turks were no good at making them and I was tired of opening cans with carving knives and nearly slicing my arms off in the process.

Incidentally, she mentions a guy called Celsius who works as an electrician at Murchison for the UWA and asked me if I could take a copy out to him as he will be surprised and delighted to find he has made it into a book. And it turns out Celsius will also be our electrician at Red Chilli Rest Camp.

That will be something, won't it? To turn up, meet the local leccie and say, "oh by the way, do you remember that American writer Madam from a few years back, she wrote a book and put you in it, and here it is...".

P.S. Can you tell I've been improving my blogging skills? Today's lesson: how to add links. Do you think I went overboard?


Marie said...

Do you know that "Autan" repellent? I don't think it has DEET in it, though maybe it has some other toxic thing. I have heard some speculation that Skin So Soft doesn't deter the beasties but if you wear enough of it, it can drown them when they get stuck. :) It also makes your skin feel very nice.

And thank you for the mention! I sure hope you like the book.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Yes have heard of Autan... but given the price of Skin So Soft and the fact they were doing a 2 for 1 offer I thought it worth a go. Plus Debbie's in-laws apparently used to swear by it every time they went out there... But granted, I hear it does not work for everyone. Or only the pink bottle works, not the blue. Or something...

Read the book in one sitting yesterday as I ended up at home with a nasty cold... Enjoyed it immensely and can't wait for the next one!