Monday, March 19, 2007

Flattery will get you everywhere

Feeling miserable when writing up the weekend news of The Rock Through The Car Window incident and I get a voicemail message from somebody urging me to call him back.

No mention of a company, or what its regarding - which usually mean its a telesales person chancing their arm - but I call him back anyway, professionalism kicking in.

Turns out he's a headhunter, having had me personally recommended to him by an industry figure as, and I quote "extremely good at what I do" and wondering whether I'd be interested in a new business director position for the largest integrated agency in the country (and I'm still scanning industry tables to find out who that would be). I had to let him down gently with the ridiculously far-fetched excuse that I'm moving to Uganda (which is true but always sounds like a preposterous invented 'the dog ate my homework' number).

So, with a few superficial words of flattery, my mood has lifted and I feel SPECIAL again.

I'm so easy.

Of course, I'm not interested. The hippos still have me. But I know someone who might be so I send him her details.

And then go back to feeling rather smug.

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