Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fly me, I'm by far the best deal

I've reserved us some flights. So it's starting to get serious.

I rang up Trailfinders, who are always good when it's not a package, and explained our situation. That we wanted flights with airlines who were liberal with their luggage allowances, that allowed more than one bag, that were happy for us to use the return portion 12 months from now, and that didn't cost the earth.

I happened to get through to someone who knew Uganda well. His wife was from Uganda, and they went back all the time. Aren't Trailfinders great? What's the chances of that happening if you phoned up Thomas Cook?

Anyway, it turns out that Ethiopian Airways offer the largest luggage allowance (45kg) but are really pricey and unflexible on 12 mth tickets. They came in at over £900.

However, Emirates, who allow you to take 35 kg of stuff in the hold AND have over 5,000 movies that you can personally choose from on your unique seat back screen, only charge just over £450 for a 12 mth return. Bargain! Regular flights are only a few pounds cheaper than that anyway!

So we're reserved to fly on 29th April. Leave Gatwick late evening, overnight to Dubair, then onto Entebbe with a touchdown in Nairobi to let some people off. Get to Kampala late afternoon. Long old journey but if we went direct with BA they'd only let us take one bag, 20kg and charge us more for the privilege.

Have to see what the boy reckons but that could be us sorted.

And since dicking around with the photo thing yesterday it appears I cannot even access this blog using Safari anymore. I love technology, it's so messed up!

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Marie said...

Oh brother. Well, all I can suggest is clearing your cookies, history, and cache... maybe that will help.

Good call on the airline! I too love Trailfinders. There's no substitute for speaking to an expert.