Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's springtime for London

It's sunny!

I rode my bike in just wearing jeans this morning and I didn't freeze my arse off!

Do you know, the boy and I have discussed the one downside to heading to Uganda at the end of April. And that is that we will miss the English summer. Which is truly marvellous as long as the weather is good. Last year was glorious (ok, not so much for polar bears, but it did mean you could plan doing outdoorsy stuff almost every weekend without having to have multiple plan bs lined up for what to do if the weather turns...).

And days like today - the first sunny, really springlike day we've had - make you look turn your face up to the sun and look forward to a proper summer. Except we're not going to get it this year because we'll be gone by the time it arrives...

But we are going to get 30 degree plus heat and Hippos, so it's a fair trade.

But I pity the polar bears. Working on a pitch at the moment where we might propose some sort of involvement with Save the polar bears. Its a credible link, believe me, and all will be revealed soon I hope...

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