Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just the tip of the (melting) iceberg

That's how much of the world I've travelled.

And I am considered, by people I know, to be a bit of a wanderer. When I tell friends and family of my holiday destinations or planned trips they tend to think I'm slightly mental and certainly they believe I have seen loads of 'exotic' or unusual places.

However, you see it for yourself above. I've been to just 32 countries and visited 14% of the world (I'm not sure how they work out the percentage).

It's pitiful.

And without a trip to NYC back in 2003, I wouldn't have any of North America coloured in at all. The fact that most of it is currently red is rather misleading.

Once we get to Uganda, there will be a little red blip just above the little blue blob that is Lake Victoria in the middle of East Africa. And then we'll have to use our new geographical position to do some serious border hopping during our days off. I could cover Kenya & Tanzania and Rwanda which would be easy. And then maybe work our way up to the DRC and the Sudan (slightly risky but hey, I'm competitive).

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