Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Plans for the weekend

1. Brother and his new (v cool) girlfriend due round for dinner on Friday night. Unless she gets called out just before her shift ends (she's a firefighter) in which case she may be fighting fires until late - which will mean they may cancel at the last minute. So I have to buy food and be on standby to cook it...

2. The boy and I to paint bedroom.

3. The boy and I paint hallway.

4. The boy and I assess draught proofing requirements.

5. The boy and I do a bike instructoring session with a complicated system of using walkie talkies. He'll be driving my car (which he may have to enter through the passenger side) and using a walkie talkie to direct me on the bike. I'll have the other walkie talkie in my jacket with my ipod headphones plugged into it, able to hear but not answer back his tutoring. Just the way he likes it I'm sure...

6. The bike training session takes us to B&Q where we purchase draught-proofing materials.

7. Reverse of bike training session home again.

8. Undertake draught proofing.

9. The boy and I paint living room (two walls only - saving paint!)

10. The boy and I go to deepest darkest Camberley on Saturday night to see Milton Jones (Very Funny Man).

11. Unconfirmed but possible dinner on Sunday night for friend recently returned from shitty work trip to Australia. If so, boy and I rinse off paint and bike grime and I cook dinner. Possibly with ingredients left over from a potential no-show on the Friday night.

So just your average, laze-around weekend then!

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