Monday, March 12, 2007

Soft and sensual?

The Avon stuff has arrived in the world's most massive box. It's big enough for me to consider if I should take it home to use it to pack up some books in but all it contains is a few bottles of the Skin So Soft moisturiser that's mossie repellent in disguise.

And boy, what a disguise. Apparently Royal Marines wear this stuff in the tropics. But when they do, they must all smell like a big bunch of girls!

I'm never going to be able to get the boy to use this as an alternative to mossie repellent.

The bottle is pink. It smells like perfume. And it's called 'Soft and Sensual'.

I might as well ask him to don a wig, slip on a pink satin number and sing Judy Garland songs.

No chance!


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

Speaking of Judy Garland, There is an exciting and popular new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE. The group features hours of ultra rare and unreleased downloadable audio files by Judy, great photo’s, lively discussion, and more! The membership is the most ecletic gathering of Garland fans anywhere and includes Judy’s family members, friends, people who worked with her and saw her perform, directors and producers of Garland related projects, authors of Judy biographies, historians, and more! The only thing missing is you. Please stop by our little Judyville, and check it out, you may never want to leave!

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Very kind of you Dan but I get the feeling that you just post this generous invitation wherever you see the words 'Judy Garland', without actually reading the context those words were written in. It's not that I don't like Judy, it's just that I'm probably not a genuine fan as such.
But thanks for the invite anyway!