Monday, April 30, 2007

Countdown to chemo

Well there you go. It's hours until the first chemo and all I feel is.....busy.

Busy getting my house in order. Metaphorically speaking that is.

Busy briefing colleagues on pitches and projects that they may have to babysit for a few days...or longer. Another one came in today. We're tendering for a well known adult learning institution. It's not that I'm not grateful but jesus - they're all coming at once.

As is usual for April / May actually. It's just that I don't usually have breast cancer at this time of year.

So, an online casino, a bingo organisation, an adult learning institution, a facilities managements company, a boiled sweet and a vitamins brand.

I don't have time to think. Which is just as well given what's coming.

Gotta go. R at home awaiting feeding having mended bike and tried to fix doorbell. If only he could find the doorbell I bought to fix it with. I seem to have mislaid it. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Hope it went well and that you're feeling ok. If the color orange makes you feel ill now as it did with Steve, then don't look at any Konnininne Dag pictures (which was today in case you forgot your Dutch heritage).

Lots of love
Jude (and Steve)

STEVE said...

Hope you went well doll...

every session is different... I had two that were bitches, two that I barely noticed and a couple that kinda crept up on me a week later.

Have a killer idea for an internet casino (I worked on one out of Vanuatu once) and always partial to a boiled sweet pitch. My pitch record is pretty good (hang around decent, discerning agencies and that happens) should you ever want some free thinking.

Talk soon


Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Chemo went much better than expected so am feeling very confident about the treatment now.

And yes Jude, you are the only one keeping me up to date with my dutchness. Even my mum didn;t remind. I had to see the pictures of whathisname with lots of people dressed in orange in the papers yesterday. But don't worry - my patriotism is not under threat - my dodgy drug of choice is sort of raspberry coloured, not orange. And it hasn't made me vom...

By the way Steve the boiled sweet pitch (this morning while I was still in la la land at the Harley Street Clinic) went well apparently. We hear late next week for a possible call back against one other to the CEO... but quietly confident. We are clearly better. And that last phrase is a clue. Think back to the 70s / early 80s. The NDAs prevent me from bearing all (spelling mistake intentional) but this is seriously retro! Why are your internet casinos based in Vanuatu? Mine is out of Detroit for management and servers in Alderney. But they could all start moving to mainland uk soon. Anyway, it's 10pm and I'm discussing work with you. It must be the steroids.

How did your scans go? x

Roxanne said...

So happy the chemo went well. Looking forward for more of your writings.