Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm a fork lift truck driver!

The beginning of this week was hijacked by yet another hospital appointment and more cancer developments so I forgot to write up my real news of the week.

I drove a fork lift truck at the weekend.

I was helping R move bits of a kitchen from one place to the next. He'd borrowed a work truck to do the job. Only trouble was, he needed to replace the heavy industrial items (god knows WHAT they were - large black metal things about the size of a small sofa) back on the truck once he was done with it. He needed to use the fork lift to do so.

Last time he drove a fork lift he tipped it off a ramp by mistake. They're quite tricky as they steer from the back wheels, meaning you can spin them on their axis before you realise what you're doing.

So it was with great relief that he got to grips with the machine and managed to load the huge metal things back onto the truck.

Then he let me play on it. It was very easy (how do they manage to stretch out the training for these things?), great fun and was the one thing that woke me up all weekend (I spent most of it sleeping - think the anasthetic is still responsible for my general ennui).

Ha! I'm a fork lift truck driver!

Next on my list of fantasy vehicles - diggers, tractors and combines! Can anyone help?

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Roxanne said...

I would love to help.. I can see that you are a strong woman. God bless you!