Sunday, April 29, 2007

No Explanation Required



Anonymous said...

Hiya Ann-Marie,

some boring practical advice for you. We bought a bunch of anti-bacterial handwashes (Purella or similar products). We had one in the house, in the office, and a bunch of really mini ones that you can carry in your bag and use the moment you get off the subway (after touching those disgusting poles and hand rails). Apparently, Steve just said, about 12% of infections are spread by what you touch.

It's hard getting others to understand that they shouldn't come over if they have a cold, we found (people seem to forget your immune system is being compromised). But maybe you can convince those virus infected office mates to pump a small amount of the stuff their hands as they come in?

Glad that you're getting over your cold. I have one too and blame on post-defense fatigue.


Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Strange you should mention that.

When I was first diagnosed Steve mentioned antibac handwashes. Both times I travelled through Africa on the road we took antibacterial handwashes and certainly the first time it worked to keep us disease free. The second time, I think Rich and I were just infecting eachother with snotty colds and flue and it was miserable!

But lo and behold, I was in the great and bountiful Hereford Asda yesterday and picked up 3 mini antibacterial washes (the 'dry' kind) of which one is in my handbag as I type.

Yes, I have banned colleagues from infecting me as of tomorrow. But open plan is difficult to police. I have a plan though. When the hair goes, I'll wear scarves burqa style. That way, the germs have an extra fabric shield to penetrate....

Hope you are giving yourself a bit of a break after your defense. That didn't sound like a walk in the park in Steve's blog.

Good to hear from you hon.

Roxanne said...

Nice posting guys. You're right there's no further explanation about the image.