Thursday, April 19, 2007

No use crying over split ends

This is me with my new short hair.

It's not a great photo as the light at my desk is crap, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

And I like it. I really, really like it.

I think I will always want to go back to long hair eventually because that's more me. I've always loved having a 'mane'. But for now, I really like this cut. Just hope I get to enjoy it longer than the next four weeks!

Everybody at the office has been lovely. Ranging from the jokes ("Can I help you?") to the genuine reactions ("My god - I thought you must be Anne-Marie's sister!").

(For the record my sister has even longer hair than I had, so those that thought that have clearly never met her.)

So I'm happy that at least one by-product of this whole process is making me smile.

The other, having been forced off the contraceptive pill and having had a coil inserted on Monday night (the most painful experience I've had in a long time) has resulted in me having much much heavier period pains than normal.

You see, cancer brings both joy and..cramps. Wonderful.


Steve said...

Not sure if it's the haircut or the pain but something has really brought your eyes out... you look good girl.

Now I'm left wondering whether yuu're one of those people who th eside effects of treatment suits (like the ravishing woman who used to come in for treatment alongside me - feline, angular and just amazing looking) or one of those women (like Dana from the L word) who looks like an egg and compensate with gorgeous accessories - headscarves, wigs, extravagant hats and the like. I'm thinking the former with the latter thrown in for variety.

When you're coil pics up speaker feedback at the Radio 2 gig you'll know you truly belong there btw.

I wish I could type without a million errors - but hey I'm here, I'm typing and I'm about to go out into the warmest day of the year - and ultimately that's what it's all about. Well that and good chocolate.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

So that's where all the sunshine went? New York!
It's warm here too, but weak and feeble compared to last weekend when it felt like August.

Thanks for the flattery - always welcome! And god it would be good to be a good looking cancer patient. But I've been reading my little fact sheet of side-effects and just know that I'm going to be one of those unlucky bastards who has to suffer weight GAIN instead of the much anticipated and hoped for weight loss. The Chemo Diet. It's what all those size zero celebs have been waiting for...

Am sat at Rich's in Hereford. He play playstation (he's discovered it at 38), I type blog. Later we're off to see Apocalypto at the local arts centre. Trying to make the most of being pre-chemo and do stuff. We were meant to go to a party last night (imagine! haven't properly socialised for over three weeks) but had big delays leaving London last night as the car wouldn't start and I had to call the AA. See, life's mundaneities do go on. And on.

Thank you for typing. Errors and all. It's much appreciated and lovely to hear from you - Always.

Trying to pick up Glastonbury returns on Sunday morning when they go on sale again. Just what did you have against that particular fest??!

Steve said...

I gained chemo weight due to the amount of prednisone that they pumped into me.... proper little cherub faced git I was. Started at 155lbs, dropped to 147lbs (nice) ended at 175lbs.

Still I'm one of the few people to have gone to India looking for dysentry (practically licking cow's arses on the street I was) and to have come back healthier and heavier than when I left.

One thing they don't tell you about chemo is tha it's amazing for the skin... mine was flawless for the longest time after. Now that's a Red Carpet Tip worth knowing

Roxanne said...

You still look good in you short hair.