Tuesday, April 10, 2007

T minus 2 hours

Due at the hospital for my tumour grading results and treatment recommendations in two hours time.

Feel strangely calm after the up and downiness of recent days. The sort of calm you get moments before a pitch starts, or just as the rollercoaster crests the initial peak, or when you see an accident unfold in front of you and everything goes slow motion. You know it's going to happen and you are powerless to prevent it.

Diet so far today:

Glass of Innocents Superfoods smoothie
Blueberries and natural yoghurt
One slice wholemeal toast with olive spread

Satsuma and small handful red grapes

Bowl of tomato and basil soup
Two slices wholemeal toast with flora
More red grapes
I evil biscuit (come on! they were left over from a box of posh biccies a girl gave me after I sorted her some work experience out)

Gosh I'm good and wholesome, apart from the last item.

Not sure it will make any difference to my treatment options in the short term though.

A close friend has offered to accompany me to the appointment today in the absence of Rich who is driving a lorry somewhere to make up some much needed lost income over the last fortnight. Not sure if I want her there or not. Feeling quite positive and strong so I think I will stand her down and fly solo today. But I was really touched she offered.

Just knowing she could be there will probably be enough.

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