Sunday, April 29, 2007

An uncommon cold

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases...

After all that moaning and paranoia I woke up Saturday feeling quite alright.

I am definitely at the tail end of some cold virus, but it's not taking the form it did with my evil colleagues who gave it to me. They were sniffing and snotting and sneezing all the way through it. I feel about as snotty as if I had just been for a swim and ended up with pool nose.

Strangely, I think it's probably my new found healthy diet that has helped me turn a shitty cold into a minor tiddly sniffle that's barely worth mentioning.

So I phoned R yesterday morning and I made him decide if I was well enough to drive over. That way, he can't blame me if he gets it.

So here I am in sunny Hereford. Yesterday we picked up the cooker and dishwasher for his kitchen. Today we (apparently) no longer have to do a tip trip as some bloke wants his old radiators after all. You see the excitement I swapped my weeked in London for?

And tonight we stop by my parents' place for dinner. With them, my little brothers and my sister and her boyfriend (moving into to my parents' house today as a temporary measure before they go travelling for a year - I think both my sister and her boyfriend and my parents are slightly devastated by the prospect of having to live in close proximity again...).

Tomorrow it's work. And Tuesday it's chemo. What a week to look forward to.

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