Friday, April 20, 2007

Watching you, watching me

I've just discovered the joys of Site Meter.

Relatively new to this blogging lark, with very few people aware I was writing this, I wasn't sure how many people ever read the blog. I had started writing it privately, with the intention of sharing it with friends and family once we'd moved to Uganda (I'm counting the Feb kick-off, once plans for Uganda were underway, rather than the rubbish I wrote last summer experimenting for work...).

Currently, I've directed a handful of people to the page, and a couple more have found me of their own accord.

I was interested in a nosy, reverse-voyeuristic kind of way, to see how many people actually read it and whether it was attracting anyone else. I had heard whisper of site tracking devices, little pieces of html code you insert into your site layout and they track where the visits come from and how many you get.

So now I know that in the last 24 hours there's been a visit from New Jersey (Hi Marie!), one from Brooklyn (take a bow, Steve n Jude) and one from Lambeth (think that was me accessing it on Firefox from another machine when my laptop decided to self destruct).

But beyond that, it gets intriguing. There are visits from Texas, and Alabama. I don't know anyone who comes from those states so christ knows what brought them here. And one visitor from China. ???

And then one a little closer to home, from Hereford. At first I think that R has discovered my online ramblings. He knows I blog (God, that's the first time I've used it as a verb, this is getting serious) but to my knowledge has never visited. But then I realise it comes from an IP address which relates to a local Art & Design college, and he's spent all day bike 'structoring so it can't be him. Furthermore, they haven't just stumbled across me by searching for 'breast cancer' or 'Hereford' or anything else that might make me pop up in search results. They've searched for me by my name. Which they have amazingly spelt correctly too.

R and I talk in the evening and I tell him of my findings. One of his good friends works at the college so maybe it's her.

Is it you Jo?!

If so, welcome to my humble blog. And maybe see you later at your party tonight...

I'd feel super-sleuth like if we got that right. Identifying people via their IP addresses makes me feel like Chloe on 24, if only for a moment.


Marie said...

My name is Marie and I am a Sitemeter addict.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Yep. There should be a support group. It's addictive!