Thursday, May 31, 2007

A close shave (chortle, chortle)

More of a hairdon't than a hairdo, this is the new shaven headed me.

I've been living with the new head (you can't really say 'I've been living with the new hair' when there isn't any) for about 36 hours now and it's great.

Yes it makes me look a little like I'm of the sapphic persuasion (annoyingly I haven't lost quite enough hair from everywhere to make it look like I could have ONLY done this because I'm balding, and not because of some lifestyle choice or perverse fashion statement) but as long as I when I'm wearing the bike kit I keep my helmet on at all times, it shouldn't be too bad.

Yes it means I have to plaster on the eye make up otherwise I look like a small boy (buy stock in mascara, buy, buy!).

Yes it means I regret not being a petite size 8, fragile in my shaven headed Nathalie Portman like beauty (bingo wings are not a good look with a buzz cut.... I think I need to do something about them pronto.)

But it does make me feel far happier than having longer hair that was falling out in front of very eyes, with only a bad version of the Hamlet combover (which is not good for a middle aged man, yet alone a woman of my tender years) between the world and my skull.

It means I don't notice the hair that falls out, and it seems, I think, to genuinely be falling out less as there is less for it to catch on, and I have dropped that horrible nervous habit of plucking at it to speed it on its way.

It also means I can wear the funky hat/scarf thing to work, down the pub, out and about, and then when I get to where I'm going, I'm comfortable enough to remove it and sit there in all my fuzzy-domed glory. It's liberating, it really is.

And it doesn't seem to scare people half as much as i thought. Although I have found myself gurning with compensating smiley-facedness at people in queues just to make sure they don't think I'm about to bite their baby's head off or anything like that.

Now that I don't have any, I am a lot happier about the whole hair thing.

The only thing getting me down today healthwise is my mouth. It tastes horrible as I'm sucking on the attractively named Fungilin lozenges four times a day to try, brushing my teeth at least 3 times a day and using Corsodyl mouthwash three or four times a day. All to stave off the mouth ulcers. Which is working but it means I've lost my taste buds (not just because of the strong flavours of all this flipping dental care but also because it's all dead cells in there. Nice....

So, when we're at lunch in 10 mins I will have to order something extra spicy so I can at least taste it. Yum yum.


Dr Jude said...

It looks fab!!! Love how your eyes pop, and they're so blue too ...

Try ice cream - Steve inhaled the stuff since everything else tasted of metal (great excuse!).

I might buy eyeliner stock instead of mascara. I think Steve's lashes stayed mostly, though his eyebrows went. I didn't realize that until I saw a pic of him mid-chemo the other day. Weird how you don't notice something when you're in the middle of it, even if you're looking for it.

Anonymous said...

you look great and what a wonderful smile. good luck for the future. Steve's Mum

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Hello Steve's Mum! Thanks to you both for such lovely comments.... And yes, eyeliner stock will be soaring too. Brows and lashes still more or less holding on I think (now 10 days post chemo two so plenty of time for them still to go) but have noticed a few more eyebrow hairs floating about the last few days. Although its v confusing now everything is essentially the same 5mm long!

Jude - post pizza at lunch yesterday (covered in chilli oil which ensured I tasted it) I indulged in a lemon sorbet....

Steve said...

You got a comment from my mom!

I never did...

I think, you look like the hottest bitch on the block... wanna see you in the leathers now

Marie said...

That looks AWESOME.