Friday, May 25, 2007

Just call me slaphead

Two sleeping pills last night, asleep by 10.30pm, awake at midnight, asleep again fairly quickly after that, awake again at 4 on the dot and no sleep thereafter.

So so far today I've read several more chapters of Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster, shared tea and breakfast telly with R before he heads off to some more delivery work today, and now I have time to update the blog before heading to the shower and then the office. Not sure how long I'll last later until I crash from glassy-eyed exhaustion but it's worth a go.

The bald patch, as you can see is widening. I am torn between holding on to what semblance of reality I can still create with a hat or bandana on (the back and lower parts of the sides are still quite normal looking when just poking out from under a cover of some sort) or just giving in and clippering the whole lot off to a grade 4 or some such length. Although as my mother subtly put it last week when trying to persuade me to consider a wig, "Britney is generally considered very pretty and yet even she looked dreadful with no hair".

My mother is not evil. She just has a serious case of foot in mouth, most of the time. And in her defense the comment is taken out of context - she was trying to persuade me to reconsider looking for a wig as she knew I was getting depressed about the hair loss.

But there's a 'Fuck you' element to the big shave which quite appeals. Fuck you to cancer, that is. My oncologist told me on Tuesday that one women she treated had a ceremonial shave with her boyfriend and a large bottle of champagne.

We're considering doing it in R's garden (less mess and the opportunity to recycle my hair for birds' nests) this weekend. Using a combination of scissors (get the length off) and my rather dubious 'Trim n Shave' Remington clippers which are designed for a totally different area of the female body. And no, that's not the legs...


Dr Jude said...

I shaved off Steve's hair. Mostly because I was sick of waking up to hair on the pillow, in the bed, in the shower ... My vote goes for a bottle of Bolly and a pair of size 1 clippers. It's very therapeutic both for the shaver and the shavee.

Steve said...

shave it babe - it's quite empowering.

stops being something that's happening TO you
and becomes something that YOU DID

and the bandana looks tres chic

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Shaving will be happening either later today (but we both currently in a bit of an 'Arsed?' mood at the moment) or possibly tomorrow. R is working tomorrow but I'm visiting the family home, and may choose to arm my 10 year old and 13 year old with the clippers... Is this wise? Is it child's play to clip a head? Presumably it's not that hard?

I think it would make the whole thing quite fun, as they'd relish the naughtiness of being able to shave someone's head. And i can chase them round the garden afterwards threatening to do theirs as well.

Thanks guys... it's just that wavering should I shouldn't I thing.... But I'm getting it done this weekend. And there may even be video involved if I can work out how to link to Youtube...