Saturday, May 19, 2007

My bald patch

Here is a photo of where I am today with the whole hair loss thing. I'm balding in a curiously 'male' way. Mostly from the top middle and a little bit from the sides.

And my hair hurts. It's like when you used to undo your bunches after your mum had tied them far too tight and the roots really ache.

I can't wait for it actually to be gone. If R was here this weekend I'd have got the razors out already... But it will have to wait until Tuesday when he gets here for Chemo two as he's busy working all over the place at the moment.

Stayed the night at my friend's house after her wedding yesterday. Had to leave her a note this morning apologising for making the spare room "hairy". I tried to scrape up my moultings off the pillow and the sheets but I really needed sellotape or one of those sticky rolls dry cleaners sell for removing lint and fluff.

I realised I would lose my hair, I just didn't factor in how much mess it would make in the process. I had to apologise in advance to the people sat either side of me yesterday just in case I shed any hairs into their food.

But it was a good wedding. And I stayed up way past bedtime and feel like poo today. Hangovers on Chemo, even on a week three, are not a good idea...

But I took loads of photos and a few of them have turned out quite nicely.... here's one of the bride half laced up...

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