Thursday, May 24, 2007

No sleep til... sometime sunday?

The steroids are at it again. Exacerbated by the fact it is warm in London right now and windows need to be open at night - so traffic, foxes mating and cats fighting form the soundtrack of my sleep, or non-sleep, as it turned out.

Up at 1.30am, then again at at whenever dawn was breaking (4ish?) and then didn't really get back to sleep after that. Feel groggy and slurred this morning as a result. Have managed to get the broadband working and do a smidgeon of work, but for now it's time to drag myself through the rest of the day.

A friend is visiting over lunchtime so it will be really nice to see to her and meet her six month old baby. I just hope I don't fall asleep on them!

R chose to sleep in the spare room last night as he had to rise at 5 today anyway for some delivery work he's scored. So I'm glad he wasn't lieing next to me cursing my insomnia as much as I was otherwise I may have been single this morning. He's driving an HGV for the first time since his test last year. Round the narrow streets of London town. He was a little apprehensive but I've seen him master a forklift in under 30s so I'm sure he, and our streets, will survive.

In the meantime, not sure whether to up the dose of the new sleeping pills tonight to make sure I get a good night's kip in before planning to hit the office again tomorrow (I'm taking the 3.75g dose of the new pills, instead of the full dose of 7.5g) or let nature take its course and see what happens. Don't want to spend the next three weeks getting off the pills again, but then I do need sleep.

It's a dilemma.

And one I am too fuzzy to contemplate right now.


Dr Jude said...

I know you're probably getting hundreds of recommendations and things to try, so you can ignore this if you prefer. But ... our (incredible good) internist/GP doctor recommended some herbal stuff to me on top of the meds for insomnia he gave me. I don't know if you can get it in the UK, or if you're even allowed this sort of supplement with your treatment, so you may want to check. But here's the details on the product. Maybe it's just psychological, but this stuff helps me relax and feel somewhat sleepy by taking 2 capsules about half an hour before I go to bed. Not sure if it stops you waking up in the middle of the night, as I don't have that problem so much. It's called Somniferre (for Women). Produced by a company It contains Valerian root extract, passion flower, chamomile extract, cranberry fruit extract, lavender, hops and other ingredients (rice flour, vegetable cellulose and vegetable stearate). I'm about to see if I can get it in the Vitamine Shoppe here in Manhattan. If you want some and have trouble getting it, lemme know.

dk said...

Sorry, I've been internetless again, so not been up to date.

I'm the world's worst sleeper, so rather than suggest pills and stuff (I quite like doxylamine - but it's an anti-histamine and you prob need your immune system at the mo'!), might I suggest you take extreme temperature control measures, you're prob much more sentsitive to it than you realise.

If you need to open the windows then get some ear-plugs, they're essential - it's staggering the racket London makes, you'll be amazed at the difference. Or if you have an ipod i suggest a little bit of Bach to be far better to send you off than reading. And if you don't like Bach, then nows a good time to start liking him ;p

Then figure out a series of layers to put on the bed that can be added or removed quickly. I usually wake 2-3 hours into sleep burning hot, take 2 hours to cool down then continue to cool until after about 7-8 hours am freezing cold - which wakes me again, if i've managed to get to sleep. Then warm up and go back to sleep for two hours, before getting up, being wide awake for two hours and then collapsing in an unconcious heap for 2 more hours.

How much sleep I get in the course of all this depends entirely how quickly i can add or reduce layers - if you can wake up, throw a cover off or on in seconds, quite often you'll go back to sleep. As soon as it's a fuss you won't. I tend to use one blanket and two dressing gowns, it's not ideal, but it's quite effective.

Your body's prob usually goes through similar fluctuations but less extreme, until now when you're on the drugs. If R's in bed under the duvet, just sleep on top of it with some stuff thrown on top of you.

Also steroids can make you more sensitive to light, so dark curtains etc. Hang up some more drapes. That's what I suggest, and I know everything ;p

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Bloody Hell, I am a rank amateur at this non-sleeping lark by comparison to you two.

I am amazed at the trouble you have to go to (but then again, when its 4am and you can't sleep, I have equal parts empathy to amazement).

I think my amazement stems mainly from the fact that usually I am ok to get to sleep as long as there's nothing troubling me, and then sleep 8 hours straight unless woken by an alarm (even then, alarms do not always wake me). In fact, prior to this whole thing, some might have said I could have slept for England and Holland combined...