Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sweet dreams of Sardinia

This week my sister finally booked her big round the world trip. Well, round South and East Africa and the Far East. Her boyfriend has managed to swing a career break from his job (of 8 mths) and she has given up hers, and they are off on August 7th.

Cape Town, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya. Flying out of Nairobbery in early November to the Philippines and they then have more than five months to swan around the archipelagoes of South East Asia before flying out of Bangkok at the end of April 2008.



But we did laugh about the fact that when she returns, she will have to face the reality of settling done again and getting a real job (oh how we hate 'real' jobs) and about this sort of time, if everything works out well, R and I may well have Africa 2- The Revenge planned and in action.

So hopefully we'll pass the baton of adventure between us and then it will be my turn.

In the meantime, she's my sister, we get on great and I'm going to miss her like crazy. So I came up with a wonderful plan.

Her and me, long weekend, hotel on a beach, Sardinia.

Ryanair were obliging with flight deals, the time works to fall right before a chemo at the end of a week 3, and the hotel, whilst not cheap, looks lovely and perfect for two girls to relax and chill out with drinks by the pool under the hot Sardinian sun.

I'm not sure if it really competes with the big trip, but I think my sister is secretly quite excited as well.


Dr Jude said...

Fabulous idea! Doing short trips like this in the US is very costly - the flights alone are typically a few hundred bucks. I miss that about being in Europe.

I have been busy setting up my blog and it's more fun than I expected: - it might make a nice alternative to Steve's blog. But he might start again while I'm away; after all, what else will there be for him to do???

Dr Jude said...

(Darn. just lost my comment by signing in. try again:)

Fabulous idea! It's costly to try and do trips like these in the US - several hundred bucks on airfare easily esp. if you want to go to an island in the Carribean. I miss that about being in Europe.

Setting up the blog is more fun than I expected: - it might make a nice alternative to Steve's, but probably very different. Maybe he'll start his up again. After all, what else is he gonna do while I'm gone???