Sunday, June 03, 2007

A charmed life

It was my birthday on Friday.

And the sun shone and work just went, and then we jumped in the car and drove out to a farm underneath White Horse hill in the Vale of the White Horse, where friends had set up camp. Their children were running around barefoot and the fire was starting to catch. We pitched our tents, balloons were blown up and festooned around my tent, and fresh trout was cooked over a barbecue as potatoes baked in the coals. I cracked open a bottle of champagne courtesy of the office, and we toasted the night. Fuzzy haired, fuzzy headed and happy, I went to bed.

Twenty four hours later, having woken about eight times the night before thanks to stiff joints, dawn choruses and noisy crows fighting over the fish heads in the fire embers, it felt less idyllic. Tired and emotional, I yet again realised that doing normal stuff when on chemo has to come with a warning for me. If not undertaken on a full night's sleep I will get ratty and be easily upset.

Or was it just the realities of camping setting in? Lets face it, the beauty and specialness wears off when you're facing your second night away from your own bed and a bathroom all to your self...

Either way, it was a fantastic way to spend my birthday and great to spend some time outside in the English countryside with some very good friends.

And when I got home one of them gave me this. A gift so well thought through it made me cry (see... I still need some more sleep). A charm bracelet with small charms representing the flora and fauna of Uganda. A giraffe, a fish, a gecko, a banana and, the best of all, a small silver hippo.

Strangely, the banana has a small hinged door on it which opens to reveal a tiny monkey. These charm-makers, they have a vivid imagination. But it remains the loveliest present.


steve said...

is that you or a 'hand model'?

Marie said...

What a lovely gift. I'm jealous.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

It was such a lovely gift that I got over excited yesterday and ordered some more Ugandan themed charms from an ebay seller. A tiny warthog, amongst other animals, is winging its way to me as I type!

I've never been this excited about mere metal...