Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Feeling a little clockwork orange

Had a Very Important Meeting this morning. Bit of a landmark really.

It was the first prospect presenation I have made since being bald / shaving my head. That is, the first business meeting I've had with a hat on.

Unless you live in Texas, I don't think you see that many hats in the boardroom. So I was struggling with finding the 'right' hat to wear with a suit. A cowboy hat is too casual, so yesterday's Yeehah number is out of the question. A silk scarf is possible, but the balder I get the more slippery my head becomes and the permanent adjustment required of these things gets a bit fiddly.

So yet again, cancer leaves me with a Trinny and Susannah style quandary. What to wear?

Then I saw it on the top shelf of my wardrobe. The traditional bowler hat that my University friend Rachel left behind in our flat when she left. I claimed it, intending to return it, but time moved on, Rachel has vanished into the past, and somehow the hat is still with me. I'd used it a couple of times before, to cross-dress as Charlie Chaplin for fancy dress parties. The inner brim has a smear of white face paint at brow level as proof.

But what hat could be more perfect to wear for a business meeting when you're sporting a black suit? I feel a little City Gent meets Clockwork Orange (so I played down the mascara today to avoid too many comparisons with the latter) but it's worked. I just did a presentation to three total strangers and I felt fine.

Actually, I didn't just feel fine.

I felt a little funky too...

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dk said...

i can't belieeeeeeeeve she had a bowler hat and a) never wore it b) left it behind!

you lucky sod, it looks splendid on you i must say, i am enormously jealous

wonder where she is now