Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The perfect weekend

So doped up from Chemo 3 this morning that I may be a little incoherent... but here goes.

Got back from three days in Sardinia with my sister late on Sunday night (well, actually, early Monday morning).


The weekend was a perfect mini break. The mini break has become such a cliche in travel that I don't tend to think of it as a preferred type of holiday. My pattern of late has been to take as long a period of time off as my boss will allow and do a big trip, supplemented by whatever small trips I can eke out of remaining holiday allowances.

So last year started with returning from a three week trip driving to the Gambia on the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge. That was the biggie. It was followed up by a four day trip to Slovenia, a weekend in Paris, and then a week in Tunisia on a totally unashamedly package deal to rest up before we departed on the T4 Challenge in mid December for the next four week old banger rally to Mali. And although the long trips are so exhilirating and rewarding, the short breaks hold their own surprisingly well.

And this one was no different.


We arrived early Friday morning, found our way to getting the 70c bus from the airport to the hotel, enjoyed a drink on the terrace in the warm Mediterranean sunshine and then hit the beach. Our excitement was so great we managed to brave the icy water (natural springs in the bay keep it that way) and went snorkelling until we had goosebumps. The rest of the weekend passed in a haze of playing cards, lying and snoozing on sunbeds, reading books, gossiping about other guests, trying to decipher the so-bad-they're-hilarious English translations the hotel specialised in, and discussing the mighty issues of life today.

Simply put, we did nothing much.


We hired a couple of canoes on Saturday afternoon to give the impression of physical activity (though not the impression I was hoping for as I tumbled out of it whilst attempting to get in in front of the entire beach) and took the bus into Alghero on Saturday night to claim the cultural card (altho nothing cultural happened... we marvelled at the expensive Italian boutiques, bought the world's best ice cream, and watched an old lady piss herself on the bus on the way back to the hotel).

But augmenting our 'nothing' with a little light canoeing and medieval town walking does not a packed itinerary make.

So, we did mainly nothing and it was bliss.

And now I've just done Chemo 3 where both my oncologist and breast care nurse commented on how well I looked, "You have a real glow about you". I had to let them know that was entirely due to a few days in the sun, and nothing to do with inner health.

Although maybe private healthcare could provide weekend breaks on mediterranean islands as a key component of cancer treatment. It's a thought, isn't it? Although arguably that might not prove too popular among skin cancer victims...



dk said...

sardinia looks nice i must say - did you eat sardines? is that where the name comes from i wonder?
did you know a sardine is a baby pilchard... i never knew that till recently

anyway, glad you're a bit tanned and sounding good, despite chemo 3 - isn't that halfway? 3 of 6? Well, over the humped back bridge and coasting home I'd say! :)

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Sardines - never saw any. Who knows? It seems whenever I am in Spanish or Italian nations all that is on the menu is Cheese, Ham, or Ham and Cheese. So that's what we mainly ate. Lashings of parma ham with fresh honeydew melon slices yum yum. And despite chemo health warnings to the contrary (not meant to eat 'cured' meat - only cooked meat) my stomach was fine. Kiki's wasn't. She returned from Egypt 10 days ago and still had a dodgy belly! At least this way she's lining her stomach with the bugs of teh world prior to her big trip through africa and asia... x