Thursday, June 07, 2007

Welcome back to me

This week has been like being the old pre breast cancer me. Which is good, but truly knackering.

I have worked hard and late, eaten out, eaten crap, presented in pitches and compiled lengthy and very very dull tender documents, drunk wine and seen friends, and finally, packed for a long weekend away in Sardinia. Yep, we leave at 3.30am tomorrow morning to head to Stansted and sunny islands... Bliss.

But in the meantime I have a headache, I've just finished an 83 slide document, I haven't eaten since lunchtime, I've drunk far too much diet coke, the house is a mess and I'm tired of ringing R to say I'm going to be home late.

I don't feel like a cancer patient. Which is a good thing in some ways, but next week it's chemo three (boy don't they come around quick) and I need to slow down again. This chaos is not good for me.

Deep breaths.

Tomorrow brings a sunny beach, clear water, good company.

Chaos Schmaos.

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Steve said...

as Sheryl Crowe said of her cancer... for a moment I became the kind of person I secret thought I was - but it was only a moment and now I'm clingng on to all I can to hold off the moment where I become the asshole I always was... you take care, okay? And enjoy Sardinia - tres cool.