Monday, July 30, 2007

The last of the busy weekends

Phew! It's the 30th July!

Which means I've made it to the end of a really busy month, with two chemos, without getting REALLY sick. I think.

I've ticked off most of the things I was booked in to do, had to cancel or postpone a few of them, but most importantly, the diary is now relatively free and I do not feel the never ending pressure that I was under a few weeks ago (self-induced of course - no sympathy required).

I have of course, had two chemos, vomiting at both of them, followed both of them with dodgy stomachs (I'm hoping my current hostage to the toilet situation will ease off - started yesterday and last night was very difficult - it's hard to sleep when you just cannot stop going...) but am more or less out the other side and staring my last chemo (two weeks time) in the face.

This last weekend we had a wedding on Saturday, followed by an Open Day at the Royal Enfield importers (those classic British bikes that they now only make in India) followed by a drop in at a surprise birthday thing for a friend.

Sensibly, we'd thought ahead and advised the wedding hosts that we would stay for the ceremony, and the early drinks/canapes part of reception, but not for the sit down meal. Getting drunk, or even just eating rare red meat on Saturday in the company of a bunch of people getting drunk, would have killed me. Having said that, I found it remarkably easy to knock back a couple of glasses of champagne and wolf down a few halloumi and salmon canapes. They were delicious and thankfully sat well with my stomach. A real treat - party food I could eat!

Food and drink at venues and parties becomes such an issue on chemo. You never quite know what is the right thing to do. But I could hardly turn up at a wedding with a packed lunch (though we had secreted a big bag of pretzels in the car just in case!).

Certainly, I was really glad to have made it down there. The bride is a good friend and looked gorgeous. Plus there were a couple of people I hadn't seen in years who it was lovely to catch up with. And her family are lovely - and have been very supportive over this whole thing. Her mother whispered in my ear at one point that there were about 8 women there who had been through breast cancer. It is, as ever, everywhere. Did I just not see it before, or was it never really spoken about in public?

We left the wedding at 7pm and drove back home for an early night. The next day, we were off to an Open Day at the Royal Enfield importers near Chipping Campden. For once this English summer was smiling on us and the rain forecast for Sunday actually rained itself out on Saturday night and we drove up into the Cotswolds with blue skies and Simpsons' style clouds as far as the eye could see.

R test rode an Enfield Elektra - the modern version of the bike - and then took a Trail bike version off road on a small muddy track. His off road experience stood him in good stead, as he managed to stand on the pegs and carry the bike round the mud despite (or perhaps because of) the large crowd that had suddenly gathered to watch him. I even got a ride in a sidecar - which was great fun.

Then homeward bound, via a friend's in Surbiton for a not so surprise celebration for her husband's birthday. We were also late. The surprise party was scheduled for lunchtime and the afternoon. When we turned up at 6.30pm most had already gone but we stayed, ate more yummy party food, and chatted about pretty much everything.

Home by 9.30pm, in bed by 11.30pm, then awake again from 1 til 3 running backwards and forwards to the loo. Not sure what yummy party food was responsible (I think it was me rather than the food - I just should have been strong and avoided the brie) but I feel rotten now. Dehydrated and scared of eating anything much. I was meant to be in work today. But with not much too do, and feeling this rotten, I made an executive decision and stayed home. I need to get seven months of timesheets done - and this afternoon is looking perfect for that particularly fun piece of admin.

But right now my eyelids are fading and a snooze is tempting.

God I cannot wait to get my energy back. I feel like a small child or an old lady - always wanting to sleep or doze off. I'm even wearing thermal leggings right now because I'm cold.

Lets just cut to the chase, get me a granny blanket and call me Bridget!

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Jen said...

Really enjoy reading this - you nutter. How on earth you have the time - but it's so well written, funny and factual too. Well done babe.
Sorry to hear about your ankle. BE CAREFUL.
Love you