Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mambo no 5


There is a side-effect of chemo known as anticipatory nausea.

I'd always felt immune to that because I'd never felt nauseous from the treatment, until the last treatment that is.

After the last treatment I finally gave in, involuntarily I might add, and ended up having a good old chunder. What I didn't realise is that it would make me feel pre-emptively sick before yesterday's treatment. It started at home, in the morning, a light feeling of nausea.

When we got to the day care centre it accelerated into full blown waves of feeling like I was about to throw up. Triggered by sights and smells associated with the treatment - a wiff of antisceptic wipe, the sight of the nurse gently pushing the hyperdermic full of the epirubicin. I asked her to hold a sick bowl nearby just in case. With that many wires, drip stands, bags of fluid and needles hanging off me, I wouldn't know how to disentangle myself if I did have to run for it.

Thanks to them pumping me full of dexamethasone, lorezapam and domperidone I managed to hold off vomiting until I was safe at home, the drugs wearing off, and the mere action of opening the fridge to put some food away made me run for the loo. This time, thanks to the epirubicin, everything was very, very red.

I gave back in to the lorezapam last night and took some of that instead of using the lighter sleeping pill, zolpicline. Lorez may turn me into a space cadet and be harder to wean off, but it doubles as an anti-nausea drug so at this stage, with work easing off as we head into August, and only one treatment to go, I just don't care.

However, it was only at 10pm tonight I realised I had clean forgotten my doctor's appointment to get my Neulasta injection to boost those white blood cells. But the nurse on 24 hr call at The Harley Street Clinic reassures me I have at least another 24 hours before the benefit starts wearing off, so I'll call into the GP's surgery first thing and face the wrath of their receptionist. I'll just have to play the cancer card and they will just have to live with it...

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Dr Jude said...

Hey girl. Almost there, just one more to go! I get nauseous just with the smell of antiseptic or ether, after Steve and my dad. It's one of the reasons I stayed out of the CCF clinic this time.

Take all the drugs you need to get through the horrible stages; I believe in modern medicine. Never understood those women who don't want epidurals ...

Don't read Harry Potter till you're done with treatment, otherwise you'll be vomiting all over London for the next 50 years :)