Friday, July 20, 2007

Tales from London Transport no 1


Yesterday I took the train into work, just like every other day over the last two weeks.

Except because I was involved in a 9 o'clock meeting I had to actually get one at the proper, full-on rush hour time (rather than linger in bed because I am officially allowed to be 'tired' and have lie-ins at the moment and come in much later when the madness has died down). So, as it was full-on rush hour, there was no chance of getting a seat. In fact, there was barely a chance of squeezing into the carriage at all.

The day before, there were no seats but the fact it was less crowded in the standing area meant a nice man spotted me and offered up his instead.

Yesterday, I was elbow to elbow with a bunch of commuters, all in our own little miserable worlds. Being nowhere near the seats, and in a forest of bodies, there was no way anyone would even see me to let me blag a seat*.

However, when I got to my meeting, one of the guys involved, who I'd never met before, announced he recognised me from the train that morning.

"We both got on the same train at Earlsfield this morning" he said, "I was standing right next to you".

Strangely, I did not remember him from the journey.

It seems I stand out a little more from the crowd at the moment. Wonder why.

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