Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There's a madcap banger rally born every minute

Part of the fun of old banger rallies is the network it creates. A network of slightly mental people, from all walks of life, who may be mad about cars or just mad about travel, but who constantly come up with increasingly madcap schemes for the next rally.

Since doing the original PDC, I've looked at the possibilities and they are endless.

The Mongol Rally
Reliants to Russia (run by some ex PDC mentalists who call themselves Extreme Trifle)
Pizzas to Palermo (also an Extreme Trifle project)
The Ring Sting (ditto above, this one's about driving Honda C90 mopeds to the Nurburgring and complete a lap... presumably very slowly).
Rickshaw Rampage (also Extreme Trifle, this one does what it says on the tin, more or less)
The Greaseball Rally (a eco-friendly biodiesel rally stateside)
The Crumball Rally (incorporating The Italian Job and Thundercrawl - the weekend break of the old banger rally world)

These are all run around themes, geographical or automotive.

But there are plenty of less well 'branded' rallies that just involves nutters we know procuring an old car, fixing a point in a map and just going.

The latest two ideas?

1) Run from the sun

Should have been called Run to the sun but the user group name was already taken on Yahoo. So Run from the Sun it is. This is a jaunt to the heart of central Asia, virtually China, to go and witness the total solar eclipse due on 1 Aug next year.

2) No name Iran

Julian Nowill, loveable and slightly mad stockbroker and founder of the PDC, has suggested he will be driving an old motor to Iran next Easter. If anyone wants to come along, they're welcome. Cool.

The latter will be truly disorganised and wonderful for it. The former will be debated endlessly in terms of routes (shall we go visit Chernobyl en route or take the Southern leg?) but will ultimately descend into friendly anarchy.

This is how I like my rallies. With just a smidgen of forethought and very little actual preparation.

Perfect chaos.


Anonymous said...

It is an amusing phrase

philoldsmobile said...

I *really* want to go to Chernobyl. Surely there must be some like minded lunatics out there.........