Monday, July 16, 2007

Why no blog

The distinct lack of posts over the last week is down to two things:

1. My laptop got pinched last Monday night so I have been limited to blogging from the office (which would probably get me sacked if I did it too often) whilst waiting for the replacement laptop and then waiting for me to get my arse into gear and replace all the software and get it hooked up to my home connection again.

2. In the meantime, as the British office summertime appears to officially start this Friday, after which I have no meetings in my diary until the end of August, everyone is busy trying to fit in everything they need to do so I am manic. Plus we have the agency's US based owner-directors over this week so yours truly has to present to them quite how great we are doing at new business despite the apparent lack of new clients. Hmmm. Anyway, suffice to say I am busy at work.

3. And I am busy at home. It's week two/week three time and the diary is fully booked. Saw two friends last week in the evenings and ended up having to cancel a third because I needed an early night to prepare for the weekend. Which we spent at Guilfest. Well, at Guilfest during the day and home in my own bed at night. No point camping it up when it's only 20 miles away. Saw Charlotte Hatherley, Supergrass, Jimmy Cliff, Captain, The Magic Numbers, Madness and Squeeze. I've now seen Cool for Cats live on stage. I can die happy.

Anyway, more later today once I'm hooked up at home. Or if I get a chance over lunchtime.

Promises, promises.

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