Friday, August 03, 2007

A false alarm

After the worry instilled in me by a casualty doctor telling me there was a shadow on my x-ray that 'with my history' needed checking out, I chased my GP to chase the radiography department at St Thomas's to get a specialist's opinion.

She was very understanding and got on the phone straight away. She spoke to the radiography results people, they said there was nothing unusual about my x-ray. She insisted on speaking to the chief radiiographer who repeated this news. She explained what the doctor had told me. He expressed surprise that the doctor could have seen any shadowy shape on the bone. There was none there.

Maybe he was a junior doctor. Maybe it was his first day in that job. Maybe he just got over enthusiastic with his detective work because I had a bald head clearly signifying a pre-existing condition.

It was the day the NHS start all their new doctors (hence the confusion on A&E and the delays in me being seen) so all of the above is entirely possible.

Either way my initial reaction was obviously one of relief.

Then I got a little pissed off.

I got really worried for a moment and memories of my initial diagnosis came flooding back. The feeling of getting bad news that changes your life is not a nice one, and I'd efficiently buried it along with first day at school, being dumped by ex-boyfriends and other bad memories.

How dare some over zealous idiot doctor get me all wound up?

Then again, I don't have cancer of the ankle. So I can't complain too much...

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