Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Makes you wonder what you could have had

Today I went back in to work. They paid for a cab in, and if I get my way, they'll pay for my cab home as well. Public transport should be doable tomorrow - when I don't have a massive backpack full of my laptop and books, plus a pillow for my leg to rest on, etc etc...

And today, whilst just sat at my desk wondering what was to come next in my little world of new business, I got two phone calls which put us on two pitch lists.

It's the sort of day I really like. It makes me look really great without actually having to do any work.

Well, I like to think that the groundwork I've been laying over the last two years has brought these people to our door, but who knows what led them there? Maybe they heard we had nice coffee... It's probably nothing to do with me after all.

But then it made me wonder. If I had decided to stay home today, they would have hit voicemail. Would they have left a message? We were a late entrant on one pitch, with the guy heading off on holiday tomorrow. So we would have missed out on that one at least.

Makes me wonder what else I've missed in the last four days off. Who knows?

Sometimes it pays to answer the phone...

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