Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naked Rodeo

I have decided that it's high time the walls in my house got covered in pictures.

Over the last two months I've acquired three big African themed prints (you can see what my subconscious is still harking after). A big antique map of africa, and two Victorian explorer pen and ink illustrations of exotic animals - one of a giraffe and zebra and one of a rhino and elephant. They'll do for the sitting room. The hallway is destined for family and travel shots of my own.

Then I have a space in the bathroom that may work quite well with this:

It's a photograph done by my artist uncle. It's unlike most of his work as he tends to use a lot of darker or more vibrant colours, but I like this one's washed out brightness for an area like the bathroom. It feels very clean, which is what you should feel in a bathroom.

Or there's this:

Called Rodeo, it sums up so many things about his own themes throughout art. Lots of long haired naked women and horses. It also reminds me of growing up riding ponies (less the nudity, more the constantly getting bucked off) so I like for those reasons. I remember when I last saw Sander, he came to visit my parents house and I was passing. And we spent an evening looking at his portfolio and this was the image that really jumped out at me.

If I get Rodeo, it would probably go in my bedroom or the kitchen.

I can't decide. I've emailed him to find out how much a really dramatically sized print would be but smaller prints are very reasonable if you like his style.

His site is at Sander de Boer if anyone fancies a peek.

Hmm, naked rodeo in the bedroom? Maybe that's subliminal thinking at work...


Dr Jude said...

My instinct first went with Rodeo, but I think the other one has something powerful about it. I went to his website and print 69 (!) in his drawings portfolio really appeals.

Take a look at - our neighbour pointed it out to us recently.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

I liked that one too. It was on my long list. Think I'm still leaning with Rodeo, but the other one is great too. Maybe I'll need both one day...