Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Running late despite being early

In a complicated manoueuvre this morning, I was due to drive 45 mins away to pick up R at 8.30am who was being dropped off by a courier collegue in one of the trucks. They would have been aiming to leave Hereford, loaded, by 5.30am at the latest to make it on time.

However, when my alarm went off at 6.15 I already had a text from him. The guy driving him had apparently slept through his alarm and been an hour late to work. They were still loading the truck in Leominster. R would not be at the meeting point now until at least 9.30am.

My appointment for the whole breast modelling thing is at 10.45am.

If I make it I'll be a genius, and London Transport will be uncharacteristically reliable. But it's unlikely and I've resigned myself to having to ring them from the A3 at 9.45am to plead mitigating circumstances and reschedule.

It's not R's fault. I phoned him and he was clearly frustrated, muttering curses about his lazy colleague whilst he was safely out of earshot.

It's just really annoying...I've been juggling so many balls over the last few days but this is not the one I wanted to drop.

Shame it won't affect the chemo scheduled for later this morning.

And it's pouring with rain again. Harumph.

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