Thursday, August 09, 2007

Then and Now

Jesus. In reviewing my now very out of date profile photo and looking at some of the options I had lying around on my desktop, I found a photo of me the day after I first shaved my head. So the hair loss had begun in earnest, but it was mid May and almost three months have passed.

That was me then:

Look at me now.

I knew I'd lost more hair, but I hadn't realised quite how much more. It feels like I am growing more featureless every day, I'm fading away. Except for the cheeks. They are getting chubbier. I am starting to remind myself of Matt Lucas. Spot the difference.

I'll stop winging about it soon. I know most chemo patients who lose their hair, lose it all in one shot early on in the process and have to do the Matt Lucas thing for a lot longer than I'm facing it. But it's scary to suddenly realise that you can look in the mirror and not really notice the day-by-day effects of something like this.

Next thing you know, I'll wake up to find I'm significantly heavier than when I was a whippet-thin eighteen year old.

Imagine that!


Steve said...

perhaps matt lucas is secretly undergoing chemo... it would explain almost nothing ---> as great truths often do

Marie said...

I have that "Wake up and notice I'm not whippet-thin anymore" thing. Bathing suit purchased in Bali in 2001 fit in Uganda in 2005. Doesn't fit in Cairo in 2007. When DID that happen?