Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogging the blogger

I've been blogged about. Whilst having a browse of my sitemeter reports (the ones that show me how many of you there are, where you come from, and how you got here) I noticed something. More and more people had got to my blog by searching my full name, spelt correctly.

I'm used to the odd person finding me that way, but they need to know who I am first, before they type my name into google.

Plus my traffic had shot up. Since the second week of September it's been averaging much higher than ever before.

Turns out, a couple of weeks ago, a woman called Jacki Donaldson wrote about me and my blog on another blog, The Cancer Blog. I've stumbled across her before - on the blog she started when she found she had breast cancer several years ago - and subsequently had tracked her to where she writes on The Cancer Blog.

But today, I was surprised to find a piece about me, with my blogger profile photo attached to it. See here for the full experience.

So welcome to my humble blog, newbies.

It's a bittersweet experience for me, because I'm happy to have new readers but if you're here because you've found me through The Cancer Blog (now sadly retired but still online) then my guess is that you, or someone very close to you, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Life sucks sometimes doesn't it?

I can't say it always gets better. I have been lucky enough that it is starting to get better for me, and hope it does for you too. But I'm painfully aware that there are people out there for whom it only gets worse.

However, if reading what I've written helps you understand or deal with this any better than you might otherwise have done, then I'd be very happy indeed. As I emerge from this process, I feel a stronger and stronger urge to give something back. From picking up a Macmillan collection box to put on our reception desk, to feeling a strange sort of desire to think about something much bigger and more long term that I can somehow contribute to making cancer easier, or supporting those that do.

In the meantime, while I work that out and now that the blog is being blogged about, maybe I'll just sit here and wait for the book to be published, the film rights to be snapped up, and the casting director to call me to see who I want to play my part.

Mmmm. Go with fantasy and pick Angelina Jolie? Or stick with reality and send the script round to Kirstie Alley's house with a bagful of donuts?

It's clearly only a matter of time until I'm sipping cool champagne whilst overlooking my own private beach somewhere glamourously hot.

Ha. I should be so lucky.

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