Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm "pinking up" as they say in the trade.

My right nipple is slightly darker, and much more sensitive. The skin around it and beyond the boob is definitely turning pink, with a noticeable line at the edges of where the radiation beam hits me. I will, however, spare you any photos.

The tenderness is getting worse. I struggle with speed bumps and potholes on my various two wheeled vehicles. The car is not so bad (better suspension?) but the other day I was on a bus which went through a massive pothole. The whole bus lurched in an unforgiving way and I screamed 'shit' in a very unladylike way, and clutched my right boob for comfort and support. Thankfully this is London so everyone pretended not to notice.

I'm back to my post-lumpectomy days, where there are certain colleagues and acquaintances that I feel comfortable sharing the back of a cab with where I have to hold onto my boob to support it over the holes in London's roads. And there are others who would be made uncomfortable by it so I spare their blushes and bite my lip when the pain comes.

But I am halfway through my main doses of radiation (before the last five days of booster beams kicks in anyway) and according to the nurses I'm doing alright. Some people who get burned skin are in a much worse state than I am by this stage.

And above all, I just need to compare radiotherapy's side-effects with those I endured throughout chemo, and they instantly pale into insignificance.

It's weird to think that in a month's time, this will all be over, treatment-wise.

I wonder what I will do with all the time.

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