Monday, September 17, 2007

Sugar and spice and all things nice

My hair has started to grow back, I'm starting to feel human again, but my worst fear from when the whole baldness thing started was realised on Friday afternoon when the sweetest looking six year old girl looked up at me with curiousity, all decked out in her brand new school uniform, smiled sweetly and said "Are you a boy or a girl?".

I'd forgotten all about this - but when I first shaved my head I was really self conscious whenever I first encountered friends' children, thinking they would be confused by my baldness and unfettered by the chains of social niceties, they would ask me awkward or embarrassing questions. Thankfully my friends' children were either really well briefed, or genuinely didn't see anyone different from the Aunty Anne-Marie they know and love.

(Noone actually calls me Aunty Anne-Marie - that would be uber-twee).

Anyway, I'm glad that when the case of confused gender perception finally happened, it happened at a point in the process where it didn't bother me.

So I smiled back sweetly and explained that I WAS a girl, I just didn't have very much hair at the moment.

I was also wearing biker boots, jeans and my bike jacket - so I guess she could be forgiven.

Kids. Don't they just say the funniest things?

Little bastards.

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