Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Four Pitches and a Postponement

God it's a busy week this week.

Pitch on Tuesday, Pitch on Wednesday, Jumped up credentials meeting on Thursday and a Pitch on Friday. It's getting so confusing that half the time I don't know whether I'm doing something on airlines, consumer electronics, pet food or meat. The latter is for human consumption only and not to be mistaken for the pet food - but at times this week has got pretty confusing. And it's only Wednesday afternoon.

Thank god the meeting with a big film company that was due to happen in two hours time was postponed.

But I get to meet someone vaguely famous in Thursday's meeting. The public face of the brand we're meeting is a reality TV star. Not the Big Brother variety. More serious fly on the wall stuff TV. Hard to explain without compromising confidentiality. But it will make the meeting a frisson more exciting than one with your average business suits round the table.

Time to go. It's a quarter to 1 and my rads is at 1.15. Last night Rich drove my bicycle to work in the car so I can take that instead of the motorbike. Yesterday was ridiculous - had to circle Harley Street for 25 mins before I found a bike bay with a free spot in it.

And even then the free spot was no bigger than a postage stamp and I had to sweettalk a warden into promising not to give me a ticket the moment I walked off.

Removing the helmet to show chemo hair and talking about being late for radiotherapy treatments works wonders in these situations I find.

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