Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Regrowth and rebirth

The recovery from chemo is fantastic. I'd recommend it to anyone if it wasn't for the nasty stuff that comes before.

My hair is growing. Not as fast as I would like but it's really starting to look dark again on my head, and give it some shape and definition, rather than the total absence of hair creating an impression of a big over-inflated flesh coloured beach ball.

The first regrowth is a few milimetres long (and a month old now from when it started to push through just as I entered my last chemo) and underneath it I can see new shoots pushing their way through. Up close, when you look for regrowth, the best news is if your head just looks grimy. The sort of griminess you get on your hands when you've been messing with engines and the oil pinpoints every pore. That's how it looks when you can see the roots just beneath the skin.

As for how it feels - I've been compared to fuzzy felt, baby chicks and babie's hair. It's super soft, but as it's all so short and relatively uniform in length it does have a fuzziness to it. But the softest fuzziness you can imagine. Touching it is rather enjoyable so I'm back to stroking my head absent mindedly in a slightly disturbing self-adoration way.

And the colour? Well, it's not ginger. There's a fair bit of grey emerging - but no more than expected. On the whole, it's dark - pretty much the shade it was before I think.

I'll have to wait until it's a bit longer to check out the curl situation...

As for rebirth, well, on the whole I feel decidedly perky. All my mental energy is returning and cycling to the hospital every day for rads is helping to get me back to normal physically.

This means that not only do I feel capable of living life again but I also keep coming up with new things to do with all this energy. Last night I baked two cakes and a tray of muffins. They're all really stodgy and have not risen properly but it was fun and they do taste yummy.

It seems so weird to think that only a few weeks ago life was a real struggle and I was plain exhausted.

The novelty of returning to normal has taken over and all that seems like a distant memory.

Thank goodness for that...

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