Thursday, October 25, 2007

Caught in the act

Tonight, out with friends, inevitably two of us end up visiting the Ladies together.

At one point, for no particular reason other than maybe I just haven't shown my tits to anyone all week (R is away, and radiotherapy is over: they have been hermitlike by comparison) I lift up my shirt and thumb open my bra to show her my burns from radiotherapy.

At this precise point someone walks in the door.

I'm red-faced, humiliated, stumbling through excuses and explanations that she doesn't even want to stay and hear.

What's more, when we get back out to the bar, it's clear that the woman who walked in on my display of flesh was sat at the table next to us. Through sheer coincidence, this table happened to know a guy we were with - professionally speaking. She was one of his clients. He is a barrister.

I just flashed my friend's client.

Oh joy.


Marie said...

Hey, that's on the level of my shoe fiasco! Congrats. We can be red-faced together.

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

I told you that sort of thing usually happens to me, not other people.

The really sobering thought is that I only had to wait a day or two to prove my point!

dk said...

I just had lunch with you... whilst you let me cop a feel of your thingymajig, at no point was a treated to a display... i feel cheated somehow...

But it was lovely to see you and looking so sprightly :) Musical madness next week

Anne-Marie Weeden said...

Yeah, yeah... you'll just have to make do with the thingymajig (portocath for those wondering just what I let my friend's feel over lunch...). Displays only happen during the hours of darkness and are fuelled by a strange substance known as Too Much White Wine.


HelĂ´ said...

i know exactly what you mean by "too much white wine" - or too much guinness (wish i could use these words often...). what the hell, life is no fun if you don't experience a fiasco every once in a while:)