Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Gaping Void

I love spending an idle hour clicking through on interesting links and letting them lead me all over the place. Usually though I leave these session realising I have just wasted a full hour with nothing much to show for it.

This time round however I have discovered a gem.

In the course of work (yes, really) I was reading an ad planner's blog. Can't even remember who or what agency they were at, but essentially all planners blog. It is an unwritten rule of the modern advertising industry.

This one including an image which I liked, and nicked to use as my wallpaper of the week. You can see why I warmed to it:

Then, through an idle moment of link following and wild goose surfing, I saw another, similar cartoon and followed that to it's source - the blog by the original cartoonist, and ex-copywriter ex-NYer now working in the wine trade in SA.

His cartoons are brilliant. His insights are poignant, painful, honest and cynical, and always laugh out loud funny.

Go see.

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