Monday, October 01, 2007

Hair we go again

It's late. I can't come up with a better hair pun than that.

Just realised my hair has been growing since mid August and I have not yet posted an update pic. So here it is. The hair regrowth in sepia. Not because it has come out ginger, but because taking the shot in colour mode using the laptop camera means the flash bounce off my scalp is more noticeable and actually gives you an impression of less hair than there really is.

The sepia actually does the amount of hair I've got justice.

I know this sounds like I'm splitting hairs (ker-ching, hair pun no 2), but these things matter when you've been without it for so long.

I think it will be another couple of months until it looks like an intentional haircut, and a year before it's any kind of a decent length, but it's on it's way.

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Dr Jude said...

looking good girrrlll!