Friday, October 12, 2007

Spawning a monster

The idea I had for paying tribute to the people of this process is developing. The photography / portrait / exhibition thing.

Instead of talking about my emotional well being this morning, my counsellor and I spent 30 minutes discussing the logistics and intentions behind this project.

And we ended the session with a date in the diary for next week. I'm putting my proposed idea down on paper and coming in to meet the Customer Affairs guy for The Harley Street Clinic, the Marketing Manager for Macmillan, and my counsellor, so we can thrash out the idea together. Once I'm back in the office I bounce ideas off my Creative Director, who is well connected in the arts and photography world (and could be of some very real help in making this happen), and he's agreed to come with me to the meeting.

This is real. It could happen. Things are moving forward. They are gaining momentum.

The monster may yet live...

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