Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Heal Heel!

I feel justified. A visit to the GP yesterday to enquire as to whether I should now be starting to get concerned that my heel and ankle are still giving me pain as long as 3 months and one week since I fell down the stairs and badly sprained them.

Yes. It seems all my wailing at the foot of the stairs (and on camera) was justified.

Apparently I must have torn my achilles tendon in the process. Not all the way through (if I'd done that I really wouldn't have been able to walk for weeks) but I've certainly partly ripped it otherwise it would not be taking so long to heal.

So I am being referred to a physio who will bend me stretch me pull me until it's better. Or something like that.

So for someone who feels their monopoly on medical treatment has ended, I have a lot to look forward to upon my return from holiday:

- A meeting with the oncologist
- A meeting with my breast surgeon, clinical exam and ultrasound (to check the bastard cancer's gone gone gone)
- The removal of my portocath under local anasthetic and sedation (methinks I should schedule this post-ultrasound all-clear, otherwise I'd only have to have it re-inserted, which would be a pain)
- A scoop excision of my basal cell carcinoma under local
- And now, physio on my ankle and heel

And I have had the novelty of playing nursemaid over the last few days. R has been ill with a stomach bug, and while it's not pleasant to watch him suffer, being the person who ISN'T ill for a change almost feels like part of my rehabilitation to normal life.

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