Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Kerala Tales, Part One

So, we're back from two very delightful weeks in Kovalam, in the south eastern coastal state of Kerala, India. Jet-lagged to the hilt, it's possible this story is told best in pictures. I'm not sure I can string much more than captions together at the moment...

Kovalam itself is a fishing village come resort town only 80km north of the southernmost tip of India. A steep hill leads down to the sea, with a rocky outcrop dividing the sands into two crescent shaped beaches.

A lighthouse stands guard up on the headland over a jumbled beachfront of seafood restaurants and pashmina shops, opening onto a walkway crowded with hawkers of carved elephants and pineapple sellers.

Behind this promenade of hustle and bustle, a warren of alleys and raised walkways snake their way through the coconut palm groves and rice paddies, crows swooping overhead.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's touristy for India, but nevertheless still feels very ethnic for a package holiday. You still feel like you're somewhere pretty special. As I type this I'm fading fast, so I may not get to post any more tonight, but I plan to post a few tales from our trip with plenty more photos to show for it.

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