Monday, November 05, 2007

Some sort of ending

On Thursday, I decided to go and get my port flushed.

The portocath, when not being used as the vessel through which my main vein received doses of chemotherapy, needs to be flushed every 4-6 weeks with some sort of special fluid to keep it working and prevent it from seizing up. I guess it's rather like an oil change.

So when lunchtime came, I jumped on my bicycle and headed on over. But only after stopping at a gift shop and buying a few tokens and cards to say thank you.

A jewel-bound pocket diary for the lovely breast care nurse.
A box of hand-made chocolates for the chemo team.
Another box of the same for the radiotherapy team.
And cards for all three.

I need to get some more when I next go over, for a few other parts of the jigsaw not honoured above. The surgeon and his team, the Info centre and their therapists, the reception staff. But the act of buying these items and delivering them by hand to the teams that helped me feels like some sort of ending to this all.

And the best bit was the card I found. The image above is the world's most perfect ending breast cancer treatment thank you card.

Medicated and motivated - who could put it any better?

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