Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thank F*** it's nearly Friday

The printer won't work and is making a five minute job turn into it's third hour of fighting with jamming paper. Some people in the office are in foul moods and I have to tiptoe around them. I'm trying to do a million things (workwise) before the end of play tomorrow. I've been ticked off at work for two different things by two different people - by someone both my senior and junior. I've had the 'proper' amount of sleep but feel exhausted. My stomach is squirling all over the place and I'm worried I'm getting R's bug. The holiday company keep ringing me with small but mounting changes to the itinerary. I still need to do a mound of washing to get packed in time. The house is a mess. My mortgage has not yet come through and if not sorted before I leave, will result in me paying almost double my normal rate for December. I have yet to book my new travel insurance, book my BCC excision, book my port removal procedure and there are a thousand more 'personal' things I could be getting on with. And I've just stubbed my toe by kicking the printer.

Everybody wants something from me and all I want to do is get on a plane.

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