Monday, November 12, 2007

"Maybe tomorrow"

Mosque near Kovolam, originally uploaded by pastrami44.

Oh how quickly we slip into the cycle of doing very little, slowly.

A bite to eat, a light sleep, an evening spent watching the families promenade in the surf, an afternoon poolside with an indulgent read, an early morning at the beach watching the fishermen chant songs as they haul the nets in.

Our entertainment comes from watching all life pass by.

The rickashaw drivers and taxi drivers become our best friends as we climb the steep hill. We smile hello but shake our heads as our pass, and "Maybe tomorrow" becomes their hopeful goodbye.

Kovolam is tourist-packed for India, but still miles off the beaten track compared to most package destinations. The fishermen still fish, the men still turn 45 degrees from the street to pee none too sureptitiously, the women's saris stream behind them like colourful sails, the air is filled with the ripe smells of hot fruit and aromatic incense. Beady eyes stare out from wrinkled old faces that line the manic streets of rickshaws and old Ambassadors fighting for priority. This may have been a pretty little deal through a division of Thomas Cook, but this is still India and I'm glad of that.

So glad in fact that we have spent the last 30 minutes trying to decipher the railway system. This country's stirred our blood and we want more than just two weeks by the pool. R has a friend in Pondicherry - some 700 odd kms away. We're trying to see if we can conjure up a little road trip.

Old habits die hard...

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