Friday, November 09, 2007

Twelve more hours and none of this will matter

Delhi from a rickshaw, originally uploaded by wili_hybrid.

If yesterday was the frying pan, today was the fire.

A million more things at work interrupted mid-afternoon by the discovery that the valuation made on Tuesday has been given back to the mortgage provider - at £50k less than the mortgage application is based on. Yikes.

I think it's a genuine mistake on the part of the surveyor and not actually a real valuation. Apparently he wandered round my two bed flat with paperwork that said he was looking at a one bed.

I mean, I know the second bedroom is a small one, but come on...

Upon correction he muttered something inarticulate but failed to write anything down. And now he's written down a figure which is less than I paid for the bloody place two years ago and that's going to have screwed up my application. And I'm leaving the country in a little over twelve hours.

And. And. And.

I got so angry by all of this that I even had to go and have a cigarette. I know I'm pissed off when that happens and I fall off the nicotine wagon...

Never mind, there is little I can do and sometimes being powerless, once you accept it, makes for a more relaxing ride. I can make a few irate phone calls in the morning, trawl local estate agents for some proof that the local housing market is a little more buoyant than that, and then give up and bugger off to India.

Posts may be few and far between over the next two weeks.

Happy Diwali one and all...

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Elizabeth Stock said...

Happy, happy travels!