Monday, December 17, 2007

Come over to the dark side

Me ten days ago in Barcelona with grey hair:

Me at work earlier today with dark brown hair:

The colour job at Jigami really worked. My hair is now a deep, dark brown. Not actually that much darker than it was before Chemo, but it feels like a real step change because over the last few months I've had bald, semi-bald, shaven and this grey regrowth. So there has always been some scalp showing through, or plenty of grey hair, to keep the colour from appearing too dark. So the crowning darkness it has created has taken a few days to get used to. But the grey has gone, and what's more, my hair has not fallen out! The gentleness of their 95% water dye has succeeded in more ways than one...

In fact, I was at a pre-Christmas drinks thing at a friend of the family's yesterday where a friend of my father announced that my hair was "Quite sexy actually... but also reminded him of David Milliband, MP".

Here is a picture of David Milliband from the BBC for those of you less familiar with our local politicos.

I can kind of see where he was coming from....


Marie said...

Beautiful hair! Looks none the worse for wear.

Amanda Castleman said...

Very chic, very gamine!

That's a hairstyle to usher in a gorgeous new year! Ax.